How does 20Eats work?

20Eats members use our website or smart phone app to select partner restaurant to dine in or pick up from. If the restaurant is offering a dine in offer the member will show its active membership card on their app. The card is personalized and displays the membership number and the expiration date. If the card is active and the user is the member then the restaurant would honor any promotion advertised.

Is there a 20Eats mobile app?

Yes, mobile apps are available for iOS and Android platforms in the Apple and Google app stores.

How can I become a 20eats Prime member?

Download our free app or register on the website. The Prime Membership is available to everyone for free for a period of one year beginning on the day of subscription. This offer is temporary and maybe withdrawn at any time without notice. if you are registered at time of change of policy it will not affect your membership terms.

What is a 20Eats Prime Membership?

Our members pay a monthly subscription fee for access to the 20eats Prime program. Their membership provides them with access to discount offers at participating partner restaurants and premier access to culinary news and events.

How many times can I use the 20 Eats Prime Card?

Members may enjoy unlimited use of the Prime Membership for as long as the card displays an active date. Card is not limited to any specific number of uses.

What is our cancellation policy?

Yearly memberships are non-refundable. Monthly memberships can be cancelled anytime, by contacting us at

Where can I use my 20eats Prime Membership?

Your 20Eats membership is valid at any participating restaurant nationwide.

Are events included in the membership cost?

Access to local 20eats events at partner restaurants are typically included in the membership cost. Specially designated premium events may require an additional cost depending on the specific nature of each event.

How much can I save with 20eats Prime card?

Our members can save considerable amount of money if they take advantage of offer incentives.

When are 20Eats offers available?

20Eats offers are available to all Prime members. Our partner restaurants have full discretion to promote any time from hourly offers to permanent offers.

How do I sign up for 20Eats events?

Follow the instructions posted for registration on the specific event page for each 20Eats event.

How do I redeem my discounts?

20eats Prime members will use a digital membership card a secured digital version via their smartphone app, to receive the advertised dining offer from a 20Eats partner restaurant.

Will I need identification to use card?

20Eats membership cards are not transferable and restaurant operators may request identification.

Is the phone app free?

20eats app is free. The standard membership version of the app is a utility app and it will not display offers unless you are a prime member.

Will my credit card be charged if my order is not confirmed?

We authorize the money in the moment the food-client places the order and send the order to the restaurant app for acceptance (max 3 min to answer) if the order is missed => we tell gateway to abort the transaction within 2 hours => the client’s card was never charged if the order is rejected => we tell gateway to abort the transaction within 2 hours => the client’s card was never charged if the order is accepted by the restaurant => we keep the hold on the authorization and we initiate capture with delay operation => transfer set to happen within 20 hours from the fulfillment of the order If (for any reason) the client is not happy with the food delivery, the restaurant may decide to refund the client and they can easily trigger this from his merchant account interface with no charge-backs fees to pay (void operation) => the client was never charged

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