20eats delivery service is powered by Edelivery Solutions LLC and offers commission free delivery service to local restaurants. We understood the frustration of large delivery apps and how they can really work against restaurants bottom line. We offer a complete online order solution that integrates our app and our delivery technology, all working seamlessly to produce the perfect experience for your customers. We work we selected group of restaurants that benefit from our service oriented, commission free services.

We have pioneered the “Dedicated Driver Program” this allows your restaurant to have dedicated drivers during peak times guaranteeing that orders will be picked up on time and delivered on time. Our drivers do not fight for order offers.

If you want to take control of your delivery business and grow it into a loyal customer base then you must work with companies that help you meet this goal.




Rick Lozano
Founder & CEO
Ben Roller
Director of Business Development
Brandon Lozano
Director of Business Research
Noemi San Roman
Operations Director
Mario Lavadinho
Director of Drivers Logistics

How are we different?



By building a program that understands that restaurants are not getting the best delivery proposition’s we deliver what these operators need, cost efficient delivery service and high quality customer service
We work with our restaurants needs, we do no have a cookie mold we ask the right questions to tailor fit their needs.

With 20eats we work with restaurant partners that understand our ideology and therefore agree to meet our promise to you.

  • Seamless online ordering.
  • Prompt and professional delivery service
  • Commission free “always”.

We help you grow your delivery business.

  • Local customers should be owned by you not your third party delivery service.
  • Start taking your customers back, we will show you how.


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20eats is growing fast. We need good people. Skilled people. People who work hard and will help the company in the quest to success. Grow with us!

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