Our mission was to create the most streamlined and efficient food pick up system in the world. We have developed a sustainable and balanced recipe that benefits restaurants and customers alike. Unlike other third-party solutions, 20Eats allows restaurants to take back control of their brand and business by creating meaningful and sustainable relationships with their customers. We truly believe that we are offering the fairest and transparent ecosystem for restaurants to thrive. We want your success to be our success.

Our ecosystem will become part of a highly energized culinary community that not only wants to conveniently place orders for food but to engage members in culinary events and generating incentivized offers that will keep them active within the community. There is no platform like this one that incorporates a sense of unity and willingness to engage with our partner restaurants and other members.

Long term this community will expand into some very creative and progressive personalized events, like dinner on a yacht for six people, how does that sound?




Rick Lozano
Founder & CEO
Ben Roller
Director of Business Development and Board Member
Brandon Lozano
Director of Business Research and Board member
Noemi San Roman
Operations Director and Board member

How are we different?



Join our loyal foodie community to enjoy great food, save time, save money and have the ultimate dining experience.

Good food experience is not always about the food, we all know about those bad days when servers have bad attitudes or the food arrived late or incomplete, even though the food was ok or great the bad experience ruined it all.  We have heard it all and seen it all and we decided to do something about it.

With 20eats we work with restaurant partners that understand our ideology and therefore agree to meet our promise to you.

  • Guaranteed orders fulfilled in 20 minutes or less.
  • Discounts to promote in dining, our partners want to see you and want to build a relationship with you, not a third party driver.
  • Different payment forms to meet your needs.

We have great plans for our app users.

  • We are introducing our “Pickup Eats” program which allows people on the go and planners to order food up to a week in advance.
  • Plan your meals from your favorite restaurants we will have the food ready for you.


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20eats is growing fast. We need good people. Skilled people. People who work hard and will help the company in the quest to success. Grow with us!

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