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Why Online Sales is an essential part of the future of Food Services

On order to meet the rising demands of future consumers, the restaurant industry similar to retail and auto will need to undergo a dramatic transformation. Bankrate says its data shows that 29% of Millennials, roughly those born from the early 1980s, say they buy brewed coffee at least three times per week, 51% go to a bar at least once a week and 54% eat out at least three times a week or more — and the costs add up. How can restaurant owners stay abreast in a cashless society that prefers streaming to movie theatres and amazon to box stores?  Enter the era of online food ordering. The convenience of food ordering apps gives frequent travelers a plethora of options aside from costly room service. It helps dual working households easily manage time surrounding meal prep, while not limiting themselves to fridge items. Mealtime is no longer bound by transportation and time options.

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The explosion of mealtime conveniences is also evident from the 150 different box-subscription options now available to consumers through large grocers such as Kroger and online. The time saved from shopping created an explosion of consumer options without long-term sustainability. For one, the cost of client acquisition and shipping goods is high. Furthermore, once the food is delivered time and energy is still needed to prepare the food. For the same price, it is easier to order an already prepared meal online for delivery or pickup, saving in-store shopping, prep time, and cooking costs. Its no wonder Millenials want their food the same way they want their electronics, ready to order NOW.

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How does Online Ordering affect your Restaurant?

By offering an online ordering option, you will create less costly dine-in traffic. The cost of paying high commission to third party providers will go down as will issues surrounding food shelf life. Already future models surrounding the restaurant industry include smaller dining spaces, staff, and more lunch catering options for the business industry. Savvy restaurant owners have forged relationships with local schools and universities to provider mealtime options outside of the scope of a typical cafeteria menu. The children benefit too, having grown up with more options like Sushi and Thai over peanut butter sandwiches. Deal searchers wait for the Groupon option to emerge before jumping on the online ordering bandwagon, or purchase subscription services as a gift for a loved one.

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The 20eats Food Ordering Advantage

Thanks to the new 20eats Meal Ordering app, fast food is no longer contained to an industry of half a dozen unhealthy chains all offering recycled versions of the same food in one dirty food court. Furthermore, 75% of phone orders take more than a minute as you tell your waitstaff your order. Worse yet, 30% of these phone calls often take more than three minutes to finish. When you order from 20eats, nothing is lost in translation between the staff and customer. 20eats offers no transaction fees or commissions. The app is user-friendly, convenient, and provides every restaurant owner the ability to manage their own sales for brand protection.

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